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American Songwriting Awards - Offical Nominee, Other Lives 

Category - Country & Western 

Judge Feedback: 


2016 American Songwriting Awards Score Report and Judge Commentary

Country & Western

(Please rate each attribute on a scale of 1 through 4:

4 = excellent, professionally executed

3 = average

2 = needs improvement

1 = poor)

Verse 4

Chorus 4
Title 4


Country Western is the realm of broken hearts, broken homes and broken trucks. It’s nice when there’s a song that pops up as original and executed brilliantly like this one.


Draws the listener in immediately wanting to hear where the story goes. Builds chronologically preparing the listener for the chorus. Starts out soft and contemplative with lovely accompanying music, then steps right into the chorus. The music is complex but doesn’t upstage the vocalist. I especially liked the music

instrument choices.

The chorus is excellent, the definitive emotional high point. The songwriter raises the question “if we chose other lives” and gives the listener an emotional connection. Who hasn’t had this thought? The chorus is the toe tapping part of the song that we expect from a good Country Western song. I really enjoyed everything about this song. The music complemented the vocals perfectly.


The title is the focus of the song.


The hook “if we chose other lives” is hummable and stays with the listener after the song is over. The phrase is thought provoking and tends make the listener wonder if I had chosen another life.

Is the most encouraging part of the lyrics and reinforces the chorus. 

Other Lives is on the ballot for Grammy consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards. Here's what Recording Academy members are saying: 


Good luck with Other Lives. Your music is excellent and, I think really represents what the Grammy Awards, (and music that’s for sale in general), should represent.


Thanks so much!


D. Edward


OTHER LIVES is awesome! Final Grammy listening underway. Your voice is so warm and charismatic, Jenn, and the bluerass instrumentation is beautifully performed. Love the story as well – very poetic! So great to discover your music this Grammy season!


Winifred Phillips


Thanks for sending Jenn! This is absolutely beautiful. I love the violin and your folk sounds country and folk, beautiful mix! Your voice is angelic! I have noted your categories! 


Kevin Lucas 


Jenn, this is absolutely gorgeous. You have a major league voice and the band sounds great... I'll be very happy to support this and I look forward to hearing more down the road.


Alastair Moock


Hi Jenn - I love this, what a great voice you have - so expressive and vulnerable. You should do well - you certainly have my consideration! Best of luck with a nomination!

Gareth Laffely


Beautifully fluent - This track OTHER LIVES has it all – outstanding vocals, great instrument arrangement, a nice and easy rhythm and an incredible feel to top it all! It just moves along so fluently.

(Grammy Winner 2015) Wouter Kellerman


Hey Jenn, What a great song. I think we can all relate to the question of what if we had chosen other lives. Your voice is crystal clear and full of emotion. Love it.

Sarah Partridge


I listened to your track on you really beautiful FYC page. I really loved it. First and most compelling is your beautiful voice which I could listen to all day, but then the backing instrumentalist were so fine as well and matched the deftly inflected beauty of your vocal lines with tremendous musicianship and tight, fluent technique. Added to this was the great production values: everything was well recorded and the mix and master are great. A really professional, tremendous track that def has my support, well done!


Douglas Knehans


Listening now...

Yeah! I LOVE mandolin! I play one as well... ; )

Just bought a copy!


Bruce Lev 


Dear Jenn - Other Lives was one of the first songs I listened to this year, and its' still one of my favorites. I love the acoustic sound, the vocals, the musicianship, the engineering and the production!


Oscar Autie



200 ReverbNation listeners reviewed our new Single, Other Lives.

Here's what they're saying: 


"This is gold." 


"A new favorite, for sure." 


"The lyrics capture the imagination and take you into the song." 


"The {instrumentation} is perfect... expertly played."


"It felt really personal, like she was showing us her heart." 


"...I would listen to it everyday to be honest." 


"I would recommend this song even though I don't like this kind of music. I give this song my first 10 out of 10." 


"Perfect for radio." 


"I love the instrumental, the build, her voice, and the story that the music tells." 


"The lyrics really hit home with me. I feel like I am not the only one." 


"I wish there were more songs like this..."


"I think this song could top the country charts." 


...and our favorite: "if this song was rap, it would be better."



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Out of Portland, Oregon comes The Heritage with a fresh new bluegrass sound. Their sound, with rich layers of acoustic instrumentation is topped off with a heartfelt female lead vocal, and dynamic harmonies. The band's original style falls within the bluegrass and alt-country genres. With their all-inclusive feel and memorable melodies, The Heritage caters to a wide audience of listeners. The Heritage has an EP out with 5 wonderful tracks of bluegrass and alt-country music.


Jenn Dashney, the female vocalist in the group tells Cybergrass how it all began...


"It all started more years ago than I care to admit... I was about 8 years old when my Mom sat on the board of directors for the Oregon Bluegrass Association. She played and sang with a band called Sidekicks at the time which took us to many Bluegrass Festivals around the Pacific Northwest and gave me my first taste of singing for a large crowd. At one such festival, I met a man named Chick Rose. He asked me what instrument I played. I replied "I'm a singer". As a bluegrass musician, this was highly unacceptable to Chick and he quickly put a mandolin in my hands. I was just one of the hundreds of children that Chick inspired and mentored throughout his lifetime. My life would not have been the same without him, may he rest in peace... (cont.)


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